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Yourself – Organise your own fundraising event in aid of SHV&F-LP

Your  Community  - Because we are a small, local, not-for-profit community group, SHV&F-LP is able to avoid many of the vast costs national charities face; allowing us more flexibility.  

Your Company - Companies can make an invaluable difference to SHV&F-LP in a variety of ways, whether it would be taking SHV&F-LP on as your community project for the year or developing a long term partnership, making a one-off donation, offering expertise, or providing a team of staff to help out for a day with SHV&F-LP; the opportunities are endless.
Whatever your company’s interest in supporting SHV&F-LP, we would be delighted to hear from you – together we can continue to improve the support available to our Armed Forces Veterans and families; make today, a brighter tomorrow.                                          

Contact us A free, unique mental health awareness app is available for armed forces veterans to download. Open  Dates  on  the  2nd  Tuesday  of  each  month:

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